Our teaching staff is dedicated to your child's educational success. Whether inside the classroom or out, they work very hard throughout the school year to make sure that your child gets every educational opportunity available.

Kindergarten Cycle

Kindergarten A Marylène Favreau
Kindergarten B Lorraine Bélanger

Cycle One

Grade 1A Karine Forget
Grade 1B Linda Pornaro
Grade 2A Maria Arfanis
Grade 2B Laura Farina

Cycle Two

Grade 3A Claudie Laplante
Grade 3B Jamal Al-Ahmad
Grade 3C4 Alexia Chechile
Grade 4A Stacey Monk
Grade 4B Mina Bilios

Cycle Three

Grade 5A Bouchra Erchiqui
Grade 5B Katherine Vathilakis
Grade 5C/6 Gianna Melillo
Grade 6A Bridgit Pion
Grade 6B Sandy (Kiriaki) Milonas


Art Dramatique Jessica Vavougias
Physical Education Stephanie Vezina-Tulli & Lisa Palmieri
Science/English Tracy Davey
Resource Tanya Giordano