At Cedarcrest, we strive to excel in a multicultural community. In the spirit of cooperative learning, we continue to make our students partners and strive for more knowledge in an effort to develop critical thinking and a desire for lifelong learning.

About Cedarcrest

Cedarcrest School is a public school within the English Montreal School Board. Cedarcrest students from Kindergarten through to Grade 6 follow a French immersion curriculum model.

Our goal is to prepare our students for the next phase in their educational journey as we seek to achieve success for all. The sky is the limit and our students must look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. They are the seeds of today, who will be the flowers of tomorrow! We will hold steadfast in our pursuit of happiness by remembering that learning takes place every day, every step of the way.

The Cedarcrest Philosophy

Cedarcrest School is committed to preparing its students for the future. The school provides the structure and discipline needed to help students develop into responsible and caring citizens. To this end, the school places great emphasis on bilingualism, language arts, mathematics and science.

Education is the shared responsibility of the stakeholders. It begins with the parents in the child’s first years of life while more specialized educational tasks become the responsibility of the school and congruently the family and community continue to play a central role in the student’s life.

Therefore to ensure successful learning, the community, parents, teachers, school and family must work together by providing a safe learning environment while respecting various learning styles.

The Cedarcrest Vision

Our vision is to enhance the school’s educational environment through technology-based learning where children acquire knowledge by interacting with computers and learn through the use of SmartBoards. This approach supports students to acquire the competencies of their cycle over a two-year period taking into account student learning styles and capabilities. We are committed to providing the children with a quality education in a caring, safe and bilingual environment. Our students experience success and become active and positive contributors to society.

  • The implementation of the Balanced Literacy Program
  • Music Program
  • The integration of technology in the curriculum. This is achieved using modern technological equipment such as Smart boards, video cameras and digital media
  • In-school tutoring in English, French and Math
  • Teachers at Cedarcrest actively participate in workshops for professional development.
  • Active parental involvement through the Home and School Association and Governing Board.
  • Robotics Program for students from kindergarten through grade 6.
  • Strong support system for students on IEPs from resource teacher, tutors and child care workers.
  • PELO Program being offered in various languages
  • Extracurricular activities at lunch and after school

School Facilities

Cedarcrest is equipped with modern facilities

  • Full-sized gymnasium with stage
  • Library Facilities
  • Computer Lab
  • Modern classrooms with smartboards

Where is Ville-Saint-Laurent?

Saint-Laurent is Montreal's largest borough and one of Quebec's (and Canada's) most ethnically diverse areas, with some 166 ethnic groups said to live there in harmony.

Learn more about the history and demographics of Ville-Saint-Laurent by clicking on the link below: